Mar 182013

Metahuman Press debuts its March release Modern Gods today!

The new book features four stories featuring gods and goddesses in a distinctly modern setting. Heroes or villains, the book is the first in a series that will focus on the effects deities of the past might have on the modern world. Of course, we wouldn’t tell these stories without plenty of action and intrigue as well.

Long time Metahuman Press contributors Teel James Glenn and Viktor Kowalski each provide a story for the book. Glenn gives readers “Too Much Whine” while Kowalski combines rock music and Norse mythology in “The Spirit of Metal”. Newcomer Bonnie J. Sterling joins Metahuman Press for what we hope will be the first of many stories with “Ice Beauty.” Series editor Nicholas Ahlhelm closes out the book with “Deserted,” the first of a series of stories that will continue throughout the Modern Gods series.

The new book introduces a new smaller five by eight format that allows us to offer more story for less money! The new edition is available now for the low price of eight dollars at our Amazon store.

A Kindle edition is also available for our regular ebook rate of only $2.99.

Feb 232013

For a limited time only, fans of great action and holiday heroics can read Doc Claus on their favorite ereader for the low price of only 99 cents!

The anthology may star St. Nick, the Man of Presents, but he and his Holiday Patrol aren’t just heroes for one day a year. And to show that, we want everyone to grab a copy of our popular anthology for a low, low price. All wrapped in a Pulp Ark Award nominated cover by the talented Teel James Glenn.

This deal will be available for only a few days though, so act fast and do not miss this savings!

Print fans can also get their copies at a reduced price through our Createspace sale!

Get out there and support great fiction!

Feb 082013

Pulp Empire has two titles currently nominated for Pulp Ark awards this year and we want to celebrate by making those titles even easier to purchase!

Fans can now head over to our Createspace links and pick up both titles at a limited discounted rate with special discount code 62QUSQGC. Entering that code will give you a $3.50 discount on each of these great titles.

Here’s a look at our nominees.

Teel James Glenn's cover for Doc Claus is Pulk Ark nominated!

Buy Doc Claus at Createspace here.


Terry Alexander's "E-31" is Modern Pulp Heroes cover story & a nominee for Best Short Story!

Buy Modern Pulp Heroes featuring “E-31” here.

These discount codes will expire after February 28, so waste no time in picking up these titles! And as always, both books are available in low-priced ebook editions for only $2.99!

Feb 052013

The latest book from Metahuman Press is now available! The Changents by Darrell and Darrin Albert is the first in a new series of super heroic adventures, The Changents introduces a new group of weird and wonderful super powered characters.

The Changents are not your typical heroes. They are young men and women with weird powers and weirder lives. And they seem set on a path that may lead to their own destruction.

Featuring a cover by John Davies (Horror Heroes) featuring a foreboding water tower that plays a major role over the course of the book , The Changents promises to knock the sock off any fan of super powered fiction.
Print editions are only $10 from Amazon and Createspace

Readers that prefer their books in a digital medium can pick up a copy at Amazonand Smashwords! The digital editions are available for the low, low price of only $2.99!

Whatever edition you prefer, do not miss out on this instant classic of super-powered fiction!

Jan 072013

Amazon user Doretta gives Aliens Among Us a five out of five in her review focused on Arthur Doweyko’s excellent “P’sall Senji”:

“I have read a number of Arthur Doweyko’s short stories and this is one of his best. Great plot twists and startling endings are Doweyko’s mo and this story is typical of his style. Loved it!”

Thanks, Doretta! Aliens Among Us is now available on Amazon.

Dec 272012

After the debut of the Red & White Avenger, Doc Claus, closed out 2012 with a bang, Pulp Empire is proud to announce the first release of 2013, due in late January.

The rip-roaring adventures of Modern Gods will launch our new year with new tales from Bonnie Sterling, Teel James Glenn, Viktor Kowalski and Nicholas Ahlhelm with adventures from across the spectrum of pantheons!

Pulp meets classic adventure in these all new tales! Stay tuned for the debut of the book’s cover in the next few days, also by the multi-talented Teel James Glenn!